Juicing and Zumba for Losing Weight 101

If you’ve spent more time and money than you care to calculate trying to lose weight, you probably feel inundated by the products, pills, and potions that promise results but don’t deliver as advertised, cost too much to be practical, or cause side effects that interfere with your life.  Maybe you’re looking for a simpler, more natural way to get healthier.

If so, you might realize that increasing your intake of vegetables and fruits is key. Certainly, eating your recommended daily amount of veggies and fruits is the best answer, but juicing can be the next best thing.  Juicing involves removing the liquid from your chosen produce and leaving the solids behind.  There are any number of commercially-available juices, but making your own can be more cost effective while avoiding the artificial ingredients present in so many of the store-bought brands.

Types of juicers

juicing machine

Masticating juicers crush and press produce to extract the juice, similar to the chewing process.  These models typically produce more juice, but can be pricier and slower than centrifugal models.

Centrifugal juicers chop produce into pulp and then spin that pulp to separate liquid from solid.  They are among the most popular electric models and tend to be the least expensive.  They do tend to produce less juice than masticating models, and the spinning process can heat the juice up a bit.

There are also citrus juicers designed specifically for citrus fruits and wheatgrass juicers that are meant for wheatgrass and some softer fruits and vegetables.

Preparation and capacity

Your fresh fruits and vegetables go into the juicer via its intake chute. Some models have smaller chutes, which means you’ll have to spend a bit more time chopping produce into smaller pieces.  Machines with larger chutes can take less time to load.

There are three things to understand when it comes to capacity.  The first is how much raw produce will fit into the machine at once.  If you can’t fit enough to make as much juice as you want, you’ll have to reload during the process.  Next, make sure you know how much juice the machine can hold.  Smaller reservoirs may be fine if you only want to make one or two servings at a time, but you’ll want a bigger reservoir for bigger batches. Lastly, you need to know how much solid waste (pulp) a juicer can handle without emptying.  Again, a smaller capacity means it will take longer to make larger quantities of juice.


Let’s Zumba!

Now that you’ve got a bird’s eye view on juicing for health, you also have to make an effort to exercise for better health. Nowadays zumba is a popular way to lose some of that weight while having a good time! Of course it’s better if you don comfortable shoes meant especially for zumba sessions like the ones found on bestshoes.reviews.

Why wear comfortable shoes during your sessions? For one, it’ll make it easier for you to do it from start to end without having to worry about aching feet that result from the wrong kind of shoes.

shoes made especially for zumba

Wearing shoes made for zumba can also help you enjoy the activity and if you’re enjoying something, the more likely you’ll want to do it regularly. Keep in mind that doing zumba once a week won’t give you significant results compared to when you do it more than once a week on a regular basis.

Good quality zumba sneakers can also lead to longer sessions and the premise is: the longer you do zumba, the greater the chance of weight loss.

My upcoming post will be about shoe brands and models you can wear if your work requires you to stand for extended periods, focused on tried and tested shoes from http://bestshoes.reviews/standing-all-day-at-work, so I hope you guys look forward to it!



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